BPS005 : เครื่องวัดความดันโลหิตแบบรัดข้อมือ Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Meter Sphygmomanometer

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เครื่องวัดความโลหิตแบบรัดข้อมือ Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Meter Sphygmomanometer
This is newly designed Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor. Compared with typical type of monitor, this monitor has 4 person memory zones. Each zone can store 99 data for each person with measured date and time. In addition, it can do the Average value for last Three Records. When the monitor detects Irregular Heart Beating of user, the heart icon will blink.
The measuring method is very simply, you just need to apply wrist cuff to your wrist. The monitor will simultaneously display Blood Pressure (Diastolic Pressure & Systolic Pressure) and Pulse Rate on the LCD display. High and Low pulse rate indicator will be shown if pulse rate is higher or lower than the normal pulse rate.
Moreover, this monitor offer 6-color light signs after user’s measurement. The 6 status includes Optimal (Blue), Normal (Blue & Green), High-Normal (Green), Grade 1 hypertension (mild) (Blue & Red), Grade 2 hypertension (moderate) (Green & Red) and Grade 3 hypertension (severe) (Red). The monitor is clinically approved by FDA and Conformed to CE and RoHS standard.
  •     Quick and clinically accurate to measure Blood Pressure and Pulse
  •     Wrist Type Monitor with 4 zones
  •     Ideal for the daily monitoring of blood pressure
  •     Automatic determines ideal cuff inflation
  •     4-person memory zones, each 99-reading with measuring date/time
  •     6 Color Light sign to display the State of Health
  •     Large and clear LCD display easy to read
  •     Average value for last three records
  •     Auto shut-off in 1 minute, power saving
  •     Time and Date setting
  •     Clear/Delete Memory Function
  •     Completely automatic, operates with just 1 button push
  •     Selectable between mmHg and Kpa
  •     Irregular Heart Sign (When the user’s heart beating is irregular, the heart icon will blink)
  •     Display 3 Level Battery Capacitive Indicator & Low Batteries Indicator
  •     High & Low pulse rate sign when the measured pulse rate value is too high or too low
  •     Guide Standards for Assessment of High Blood Pressure
  •     Warning heart blinker, shows that the monitor is taking measurement
  •     Clinically approved by FDA and Conformed to CE and RoHS standard
  •     Type: Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  •     4 Person Memory: 1 ~ 99 with data and time stamp
  •     Measurement Method: Oscillometric Method Technology
  •     Measurement Range:
  • Pressure: 30 ~ 280 mmHg
  • Pulse Rate: 40 ~ 195 beats / min
  •     Accuracy:
  • Pressure: within ±3 mmHg
  • Pulse rate: within ±5% of reading
    (Subject to the temperature, humidity listed below)
  •     Inflation: Automatic inflation via pump
  •     Selectable between mmHg and Kpa
  •     Auto Power off: 1 minute after last key operation
  •     Operating Temperature: 10 ~ 40 °C (50 ~ 104 °F)
  •     Operating Humidity: 30 ~ 85% R.H.
  •     Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 60 °C (-4 ~ 140 °F)
  •     Storage Humidity: 10 ~ 95% R.H.
  •     Power supply: 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  •     Wrist Circumference: 13.5 ~ 19.5 cm (5.31 ~ 7.68 inch)
  •     Item Dimension: approx. 69 (L) x 63.5 (W) x 37.5 (H) mm (2.72′ x 2.5′ x 1.48′ inch) (excluding cuff)
  •     Item Weight: approx. 110 g (3.88 oz)
One Set Included
  •     1 x Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor
  •     1 x Instruction Manual
  •     1 x Protective Case
  •     Standard Factory Package
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